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1911 Ivory Maintenance and Protection

Below is my first installment on tools and accessories that will allow you to maintain and improve the value of your ivory grips.  Purchasing a set of ivory grips is a serious investment and I want to do everything I can to help you protect that investment.  Again, thank you for visiting my web site.  Dan


Ivory Polishing file - Get that gloss back into your grips! (click on the picture to see a before and after)

What it is: A flexible file that has a 8,000 grit green side and a 25,000 grit white side.  The white side is also impregnated with diamond dust.
What it does: Allows anyone to bring their grips back to mint condition by removing small scratches and putting a high gloss onto the ivory.  Also works well on:  pearl, Damascus, and exotic woods.
How to use it: I know one of the biggest concerns will be how to use it properly and get the best polish possible.  To that end, I created a YouTube video showing me using the file on Mammoth ivory, Elephant ivory, Damascus steel, and stainless steel.  Simply click on this link:  The demo can also be viewed by going directly to YouTube and typing in:  Ivory Polishing File.  If after viewing the video, you are still hesitant to try the file, practice on one of your fingernails.  After all, our fingernails are made of the same material as Mammoth and Elephant ivory.  Warning:  After seeing what it does to your fingernails your wife will be asking you to buy her one.
COMMENTS: Can increase the value of your grips or knife by $50 to $100.  It has worked for me and it has worked for some of my customers.  Click on the picture to see a "Before and After" of a grip before the polishing file was used and after the file was used.
Polishing Files

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